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Quieting your fear

We all have a subconscious mind. It’s that little voice that tells you something isn’t right or it is. Sometimes our subconscious takes control and tells us, we aren’t good enough, we will fail. A little background might help.  I tend to get this voice when I’m outside. You are going to die right now, the world is not safe! And I believe it, when I get into a car or on my bike I can hear my subconscious screaming at me and turning me into a frightened child. But… Read more Quieting your fear

Tips for calming down

As a person who constantly gets antsy when he rides in a car or goes on daily bike rides, I have had to come up with ways to help myself calm down. I went from being completely house bound in January, losing my girlfriend in February and being able to ride a bike across town in March I can say there is hope for all of us. Although it is scary I do recommend this. When I have a thought like getting sucked up from the sky,  you have to… Read more Tips for calming down

Keep Pushing Foward

In life you are faced with challenges, you can choose to run from them or face them. And for the last 5+ years I was content to just be taken care of. But I had a huge wake up call last month that forced me to push my limits. Every day is a struggle with this crippling fear but I continue to try to go on. If nothing else keep pushing foward because if you sit at home the fear only gets worse. 

A New Adventure

Recently I took up bicycle riding as a form of exercise. Because I have agoraphobia it is hard to go very far. The most I can ride is 1.5 miles before I get really nervous. Another thing I figured out is that my thoughts do not trigger these panic attacks. It is the situation itself although I start thinking after I get nervous. In order to combat this I have to keep pushing forward and hopefully one day I am able to ride around without feeling so anxious.

The Beginning

In 2008 I had my first panic attack. I was 17 and I thought I would die. I put off going to therapy because I thought it was for crazy people. But in 2013 with the help of my ex-girlfriend I received a dog. His name is Charlie, even though I had him I still got worse, I was home bound and complacent with people taking care of me. It seemed I lost everything, I was miserable. But starting today I will document my progress and adventures with friends family… Read more The Beginning