Weekly Recovery Update 5/24

Like this tower of VHS tapes sometimes we can gain so much momentum. Other times we topple over.

This week was an up and down week and I’m happy to say that my walks are getting so much better.

Before I would start to feel anxiety and I’d go on to someone’s lawn and I would feel comfortable. But the last week I made a genuine effort to embrace the fact that I’m going to have some anxiety and I went with it.

Starting off small I would walk a street on the grass and then step of onto the road for half a street. And then I took it a step further and stepped on to the sidewalk for one whole street and on the grass for half a street.

After I walked half of my route on the grass and half on the sidewalk until yesterday I walked the whole way on the sidewalk. I had tears of joy by this accomplishment. To some people it may seem small but not being able to enjoy a walk for 8 years is a big deal.

Riding in the car is a bit of an up and down, it just depends on the time, sometimes I’m able to go the distance but others I feel trapped and want to jump out of my skin.

In all this is a really good week for me and I’m so happy with my progress. You can do this I know you can.:)

What are some of your big steps?

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