I Keep Getting Up

You’ve heard it before “it’s not how hard you can hit someone, it’s how hard you can be hit and keep getting up”

As I lay in bed this morning I kept asking God give me strength to get out of bed. If you’re anything like me sometimes when it seems like the world has got you down, you want to crawl back into your bed and just sleep.

Three months ago that would have been me. I would have sat in my bed and waited for someone to drag me out. But now I know that I have to find my own motivation.

This is what I came up with.

I tell myself Trenton, you’ve come a long way from where you started. You’re able to walk on the sidewalk now don’t stop momentum.

a four year old child who loves to play with you and if you just give up who does he have left?

Your dog loves you and if you don’t get up your dog will be neglected.

Your blog is starting to gain momentum, if you don’t write today then you can’t get your word out and maybe someone reading this won’t know what to do when they are down.

Everyone who has ever doubted your ability will win out and you’ve been fighting your whole life why stop now.

So even though I was reluctant I pulled myself out of bed and got dressed and did what I had to do.

Sometimes it’s easier to give up and I’ve done it before. I’ve had panic attacks for 8 years I’m not going to let it run my life forever.

Remember we are all in this together.

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  1. You can do this, Trenton! Do it for yourself and do it for Maximus. He’s going to want his Uncle Trenton to take him places when he’s older and there’s so much good and so many beautiful things to see in this world. You deserve to experience and see all of it. Love you, Trenton!


  2. I’m a recovering agoraphobic. Remember that though agoraphobia (scary thoughts and scary physical things like racing heart) may come and go…..’you’ will still remain’.
    You’ve already beat it! 😀 See?


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