A Day at the Behavioral Health office

Today I had a doctors appointment. 

The start of my day was a pretty good one, I put the leash on my dog and I went outside. When I decided to walk on the sidewalk instead of the grass of my neighbors lawn. The longer I walked the more anxiety I felt but I was determined to get through it. All the way to my sisters house.

Then it was off to the doctors. The car ride started out okay, but as we got further I had to pull over. I know that me pulling over is unpleasant to my sister. But all in all it was an okay I felt a sense of accomplishment that I made it two miles. 

During my appointment I talked about the last few months and it felt great to get all of my problems off my chest. 

Afterwards I decided to walk home but unfortunately I  ducked into the ampm and had a panic attack. My friend came and picked me up  mid panic I rode home while stopping 3 times.

All in all I’m proud of myself for making it that far. 


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