What Does a Panic Attack Feel Like (my experience)

This was a painting I did at paint night. It was also the day I found out my best friends uncle past away. The painting was supposed to be sunny but I felt like painting a storm because that’s what I felt at the time.

Panic attacks although not dangerous are highly inconvineient And scare you to no end. It’s the feeling of impending doom so to speak. So what do I feel when I have a panic attack. Well I’ll tell you.

It starts with the feeling something bad is going to happen. I then start to hold my breath without knowing and then the sudden feeling my head is going to explode. I feel so dizzy that I’m going to pass out.

I know most of my issues are from not breathing but when I’m in an uncomfortable situation stopping my panic is one thing, but when it stops I feel like I’m not normal and that I’m waiting for another attack. 

How do you cope with your anxiety let me know.


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