A Humbling Experience

Last night I got into it with my sister, another panic attack while riding in the car. And another day of being yelled at because I opened the door of the car. 

I was done, I was going to check into a mental institution because it felt like I was a burden on others. I researched and found a place called hope house for those who have mental illness and addiction. 

So this morning I walked there it isn’t far about half a mile from my house. And as I was sitting there I saw a lot of people most who had no homes who had no support and I looked at myself. 

I have the support of friends and family, I have the support of a lot of people while these people don’t have a safe place to stay and are homeless. 

And then it really hit me, I ran into somebody that I went to high school with. I sat next to him and he didn’t remember me. But he was nice but I felt bad because one he was a homeless vet, and he had serious mental illness.

But he prayed for me here was this man who had nothing, but he prayed for me. And I walked home and thought to myself I know it’s hard on my family and friends but they stuck by me.

Remember to be thankful.


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